Scene removed from Build Settings, but still builded ?

Hi folks !

I’ve made a Level Manager for my game, which enables me to list all builded scenes in a UI, at runtime, and jump to the desired one. This works fine.

Then I made a test scene, to try some stuff.
I don’t want it in the final build.

But, in order to test it properly, I had to add it temporarily to the Build Settings.

Once my tests done, I then removed it from the build. It doesn’t appear any more in the build settings.

At this point, everything goes.

BUT, when using my Level Manager, the test scene still appears and is reachable, which is not what I want.

I could delete the test scene to solve the problem, and that’s what I’ll do if no other way, but I could still need it to make further tests.

Any way to clean the « memory » from this once builded scene ?

Thank you for any help.

Okay, I will answer to my own question, as the problem disappeared right after I had posted my question.

It’s a similar situation to being ill and postponing an appointment with a medic.
Having enough suffered, you finally go to the doctor, and while waiting in the waiting room, all symptoms vanish miraculously and you feel perfectly well :wink:

The odd thing is I have no clue of how and why the problem was solved.
All that I did is modify the design of my buttons, in the UI where I display the Level Manager.
I modified neither script, nor build settings.

As I like to know what’s going wrong, I also like to understand why something suddenly works when it shouldn’t :wink:

So the question remains : are the builded scenes « saved » in some way, even when removed from the build settings ?

Have a nice day.