Scene Restart

Hello i’ve a question of restarting a scene.


I loaded the level 0, but i want to restart it if the user wants.
Does it take the same time when first time i loaded?


Or logically the objects already on the memory, so it doesnt.

That’s my question…

If the first time you loaded the scene it was when you started the game (it’s the starting scene), then theoretically the second time would be a little bit longer because it would have to destroy the objects from the first time you loaded it.

If you’re asking if it will be quicker because the objects are already loaded the answer is most likely no because many of the variables in those objects would have been changed and set to different values than when they started. So, if Unity were to simply reset the variables it would probably take longer for it to find which variables needed to be reset rather than just unloading and loading again.

But, it should be noted that the difference if any in loading time would be milliseconds unless you’re working with high-res 3d textures and such.

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