Scene scale and float precision

I’ve been struggling with this question for a while now.

I have a big issue with scaling. My world, which mainly just consists of simply “dead” terrain is large, in real life scale we’re talking about 1000km x 1000km. In that world I have aircraft, which are the size of around 10-20 meters. Now you can imagine what the problem is, there’s a huge scale difference between the world and the smallest objects. While a missile might be 2 meters long, the world is 1 000 000 meters long… and no matter how you put it, downscale it by 10, 100 or 1000 the scale difference is still there and causes serious jittering when I zoom in to the small objects.

So I’m puzzled now, how do I implement the large world without the jittering problem?

float-based inaccuracies start after 99,000 units according to unity, and they become a noticeable issue after about hundred and 50 or 200,000 units, and beyond 500,000 units the textures and vertices are completely nonsense.

if you are making anything in unity more than 100,000 units, then you are overloading the floating points. it still takes 20 min to fly that far 300 km/h. any objects more than 99,000 from origin should generate a warning in the inspector.