Scene skips without prompting.

Hi all,

I’m currently haing trouble with my opening cut scene being skipped without any form of prompt.
This scene runs entirely on Timeline, and I had planned to activate a GameObject with a ‘loadscene’ script attached. That script is not currently implemented into my scene yet.

The scene is intended to play immedately after the Unity splash screen. When this scene is set to build scene ‘0’ the scene will play approximately half a second and then skip to next scene.
when the scene is not set to build scene ‘0’ the scene will play perfectly in the editor.

does anyone have an idea on how to fix this?

It sounds like there is a stall - a single frame taking a long time which is making it appear like the timeline has stopped and when it resumes the timeline is done (because deltaTime is at least 0.5s). This is likely due to the loading of the next scene.