Scene too large error - Unity 2018.2

Hey friends,

I have a problem with .unity file. I am trying to open my scene and I getting this error;

" Serialized file size of 6.45 GB (6927467125 bytes) exceeds maximum. File name: Assets/Scene/1.unity. Serialized files over 4.00 GB (4294967295 bytes) cannot be loaded by the player. Some likely ways to reduce this are utilizing asset bundles, re-balancing asset locations, or limiting their serialized size e.g. limiting the maximum texture sizes. "

How can I reduce the scene while I can’t open the scene? I need to open the scene. I did work on the scene for weeks.

same for me, i have a scene of 4.11gb and i lost all of it, i cant see anything when i load it, 3 years in unity, 6 month into the project m this scene is my hole game how do we fix this ??

Have also reached this weird limit and as pointed out above the issue is also the first time I’ve heard of it in 8 years of regular Unity development. Will post answer here once i find out how to remedy this bizarre 32bit monstrosity.