scene view and game view change after building the game

so i just made my first game, but after I built it (as a .exe file), everything changed half the screen was missing, like it was cropped.

I found this answer:

and I tried it, but it seems that depending on the size of the game view, some parts of the screen disappear (basically if it’s too small). is there a way to make the game view show me the exact resolution the game will have after it is built?

EDIT: this is only happening with the UI elements, the rest is fine. so my question becomes: how do I prevent the UI elements from changing places when i change the size of the game view?

I think you mean The Canvas (Menu) get too small, right? Or the game view?

If it’s the canvas:

  • Go to your Canvas
  • Cancas Scaler
  • And change UI Scale Mode to: “Scale with screen size”

Hope it works!

I am by no means an expert, but I think it has something to do with the resolution ratio. try playing around with that in the Quality settings.