Scene view camera reverts to defaults when another window is minimized

If you maximize a window other than the scene view and then minimize it again, the scene view camera reverts to perspective mode and to its default orientation. Is there any way to prevent this behavior? It's a minor issue, but it does slow down the edit-play cycle in some cases.

(The same issue is also discussed here. I thought I would ask here before creating a bug report or feature request, just to make sure I wasn't missing anything.)

This clearly seems to be a bug. Ideally this should not happen. Additionally there is a functionality glitch, if our view in the scene view was any 2d orthographic (front, top side etc..) before maximizing any other window (unity window), after restoring it, we loose the ability to 'tumble' the view (which we do by holding 'alt' and left mouse button dragging.). to be able to do so we have to right click and drag and it unlocks the movement.