Scene view mouse jumping


Ive installed unity and whenever I click the right mouse button or middle mouse button, the cursor jumps up to the left. The scene also rotates aroung 30 deg in the same direction (following the cursor). This issue only occurs within the scene view of unity. Once the cursor leaves the scene view window the issue is gone. I’ve uninstalled/reinstalled and created a new project. The software is close to unusable with this problem. Any help/suggestions would be appreciated…


I have also experienced the same problem and I figured out a solution.

Windows 8 Display settings: Medium - 125%. This sets text and other items to 125% of normal size. Try to avoid the “Larger” setting. “Medium” works perfectly for me.

Good luck!


Fair play to you! I was about to waste the evening trying everything else I could think of, but it’s as simple as you say. No problems at 125% but problem returns at 126%. If only there were a way to increase the editor text size…

Nice one Poti.

And now a solution or fix for 150%. Because unity is not readable at 125% Unity is one of the reasons i did go up to 150%. And the muse jumps like crazy.

At least i now know it’s a bug in unity.

Only question is, when is it fixed ? Because it makes unity very hard to work with.
It happens anyway also when i try to move soemthing with left mouse button.