Scene view, objects disappear when i scoll to near.

Dont know if this already exists but couldnt find anything, so i hope you guys can help :slight_smile:

When i scroll near my gameobjects they disapear, and its not like im inside of them. I am pretty long away from them. and the distance to the object is only being bigger when i scroll out can somebody help me?

And this makes it hard to edit precise things in my scene as placing a weapon in the hands model.

Hope somebody can help out there.

Thanks in advance :slight_smile:

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You should probably select your GameObject and press the “F”-key – this focuses your SceneView camera on the object.

(I think you can’t see the object because of the clipping planes)

Hope this helps !

Same problem, I solved this by selecting any game object in the scene and pressing F.

Thanks a lot, i found fast help on this problem and a solution, thanks so much, it worked!

Just reduce the value of clipping planes near to 0.

F is helping for me… But still don’t understand why isn’t working when I place the camera the same position manually…