scene view orientation gets out of control after messing around with UI elements and scenes

I was simply following a tutorial for Unity, in which i made use of UI elements and multiple scenes. The next part of the tutorial wanted me to get rid of a bunch of stuff which i didn’t want to at the time, so i just made a new scene to continue on. But when i did that, the scales of the new objects and the camera have gone out of control. Whereas before i could pan around the newly created (example)cube as usual, now even a single input of the scroll wheel sends me past the cube and camera as if they were extremely small, but the transform scales are no different.

I think it may have had something to do with the UI elements because of the sheer size of the canvas, but it doesn’t help me reverse the messed up scene view. What do i do?!?

(if the question has been asked before, i’m very new to this website and don’t know how to search for those, i’m sorry)

These are all guesses, but one of these options might help you:

  • restart unity entirely
  • switch to another scene and switch back
  • create any new object with no parent, reset it’s transform so it has zero position/rotation and 1 scale. Select the object and press Shift+F. This should snap the camera to it and often helps correct any scene view control/camera issues.
  • Check the scene view camera controls options that can be found at the top right of the scene view pane. There are various options related to control speed here.
  • reset your unity preferences and window layout to default.
  • As a nuclear option, create a new project and see if the problem persists. Copy anything you need into the new project from the old.