Scene went blank

a Weeks worth of work…After I got done testing my game I clicked the ‘X’ it said “Would you like to save” i clicked save then I got some sort of error saying something about me not being able to run 2 instances of unity at the same time (Even though I wasn’t) and now I go back into unity and my scene is blank nothing in it…I tryed reloading the scene but nothing… What is going on here? please help!

Are there any objects in your scene heirarchy pane?
If so click on one of them and press the ‘F’ button to focus on the object. Your editor camera may just be in the wrong place or too far zoomed out.

Maybe you installed an older version of unity on the other machine? This was my problem. Three of my scenes opened and the other 5 was blank…So i upgraded to latest version to match my laptop where i created them. Worked for me. so make sure your versions are identical. It took me a day to figure that out. Good luck. Hope this helps someone.