Scene Window Mouse Controller Mimic ?

I had my game playing but I was playing around with the game using the "Scene"window, And I really liked the way it looked with the mouse movement.
Is there a way I can mimic the way the mouse controls work in a unity Scene? but only for a game? Id really like to be able to move the main camera around the same way! or similar :slight_smile:
I hope that isn’t to confusing!

Suggestions welcome!

You’ve got the travel behavior (right click pressed, zqsd) achieved with Input.GetAxis( “Mouse X” ) and Y combined with Translate( direction, Space.Self ).

Then you have the pan behavior (middle click pressed), which is still Translate( direction, Space.Self ), with different axes.

Finally the zoom, or go to or whatever (middle click clicked), which is probably a Vector3.SmoothDamp in an Update.

Note that there probably is a relevant script on the wiki.

PS : I got my account back, wouhouuuu !