Scene Wiped out.. totally :(

Hey All, Well.. if you work in IT long enough its bound to happen sooner or later. I've been building a game (for facebook) for about 2 months now. Tonight, I was clicking around the interface (about to put a new version up) and something weird happened ... I'm not sure if I caused it or not...

I have 2 scenes, Lobby and Game. Obviously, Lobby is simple and small, game is large and complex. All of a sudden, blam (insert nifty sound effect) my Game scene is a mirror copy of my Lobby scene. I panic and shut down unity.. go look on the hard drive and sure enough, no sign of my scene file (both files are small and nearly identical).

I have a semi-working copy of the compiled code on facebook in sandbox mode, but I'm really kinda screwed here. I'm going to rebuild the scene (luckily my scripts are safe).

Needless to say everything is now backed up and will be from now on. Should only take a few days to get everything back in place.. I'm hoping.

So I guess my question is doubtful, but I am screwed right? (my temp folder only contains 2 0byte files)

Well, it took me less time than I thought to get everything back, more or less the same. It turns out most of the hard work was in the scripts. The scene itself wasn't too hard to get back (a few hours).

Let this be a lesson to myself and anyone that is reading this.

Backups Backups Backups! DDT= Disk-Disk-Tape(or other media these days)

Sure would like to know what glitch caused this mess to begin with...

On a side note, if this happens to anyone else, don't panic, don't shut down unity, and don't breath. Go directly to the temp folder and grab the scene from there before you do anything else.