Scene won't open - "unkown error occured"

Okay so as I understand this is a pretty common problem. I saved my unity project last night (with no errors) and when I relaunched the project today, I found that my only scene refuses to open. It gives me the error message “Unknown error occurred opening Assets/scenename.” I’ve been using git with my project for a while and I committed as I finished working on it last night, so there are backups in place. (However, I have github desktop and apparently, you cannot restore old versions from it? Can you do it on the website?)

I was wondering where I should start in figuring where the issue is and how to fix it, any ideas would be much appreciated.

What I’ve tried:

  • right click on the scene in editor and reimporting
  • checking to see if all the .meta files were there

open the scene file in an text editor (a better one than notepad)

search for “<<<<<<<<<”

this would be a sign for a unresolved merge conflict that was commited into a new state.

the github for windows app should allow you to open a terminal window.

the command

git checkout HEAD^ -- path/to/your/scene.unity

should revert the scene file to the last commit