Scene: xyz (not loaded)

when I try to reload my game data (player posisition, HP, ammo) afer a fail-state something wierd happends. The scene is not loaded, scene flickers in the hierarchy(it looks like my destination scene is loaded and not loaded at the same time), my game over screen is still on and the game feezes. I used the same script for game over state as in the survival shooter tutorial by Unity technology. My Save/Load funtins work just fine. The same thing happends even when I just try to set the GameOverMenager to simply load the current scene. Should I give you more info or do you understand what is going on?

Same issue here.

I fixed it. I believe the scene was loading twice, once from the level manager, and once from the PlatformerCharacter2D standard asset I am using. The PC2D standard asset also had parts for player health/dying that I wasn’t using and these could have been not working properly. I deleted all mention of loading the scene from the PC2D standard asset and that solved it. Interestingly, I had been working on the game for 1/2 year with both the scripts and no issues :slight_smile: