SceneBoundingVolume value is NaN for scene sections that don't contain Prespawn Ghosts

Basically what the title says.
Tried to create an empty subscene and put a cube inside it, the SceneBoundingVolume value is NaN, tried putting a prespawn ghost prefab in it and now it gets calculated.
This only happened after updating to 1.2.0, it used to work correctly before that.

Any workaround?

Just to confirm, you're using entities graphics 1.2 as well? What about URP?

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I'm using entities graphics version 1.2.0-pre.6 which is the latest that shows in the package manager, and I am using URP version 17.0.2


Did you manage to fix it?

Suspect this is fixed in 1.2.3 or 1.3.0.exp-1


  • Fixed a regression which caused subscene section bounding volumes to be computed incorrectly.

I was already at 1.2.3 and when I updated to 1.3.0-exp.1 its still the same.

Probably best to submit a bug in that case.