Scenes are saved with strange float values

We have a very strange behaviour that destroys our scenes.
It seems, that randomly chosen float values of the scene are set to values like 0.111111112 and similar (sometimes it’s 111.111112). The rgb value of colors and the transform vectors’ coordinates are also changed.
The strange thing is, that not only gameobjects in the scene are changed, but also things like the rendersettings (as you can see in the screenshot), which we defintely never used or altered (they can be found in unity in Window/Lighting).
We use the Pro version of Unity 5.0.1p1 and never had this problem with unity 4x free version or to 5.0.1f.

Is there something special about the number 0.111111112?
Where the hell can that come from?

That really looks a bit strange. Does that also happen in a new project? The only thing i can think of is that Unity’s internal components which assemble the scene view might have some strange values. Try to switch to one of the predefined window layouts in Unity.

If that doesn’t prevent those changes, try reinstalling Unity. If it’s still not fixed file a bug report. However i don’t think this would help much ^^

If this doesn’t happen in a new / other project there might be something wrong in the project settings itself. You could try (after creating a backup!!) to delete the assets in the projectsettings folder.

If it still isn’t fixed you might have a strange script / dll in your project that goes crazy or maybe any other kind of virus.