Scenes duplicate when I exit play mode (beginner),How do I get Unity to not duplicate scenes when I exit play mode (beginner)?

I started coding today in Unity with some previous C# knowledge and I stumbled upon the most frustrating error. Whenever I exit play mode, a scene duplicates, one which I cannot delete nor unload. It forever says “loading scene…”. Therefore, I can never save my program because it says “A scene is still loading”. How do I fix this error? (Again I am a beginner),I started coding with Unity today (with some previous C# knowledge) but I’ve come across the most annoying bug ever. Every time I enter play mode, then exit it, a scene duplicates, one which I cannot delete. It forever says “loading scene…” and never stops loading. I can’t do anything with it, I can’t unload it or delete it, I’ve tried everything. I found out that the only way to delete it is to exit Unity then re-open it, but then my work unsaves. If I try to save before exiting Unity, it says that a scene is still loading and therefore I cannot save it. How do I fix this issue? (Again, I am a beginner)

I also have this problem, when I try to restart my level by using the scene manager. If you have code like this, try removing it temporarily and see if you have the problem after exiting the play mode:


For me this causes the duplication problem and it crashes the editor when i attempt to save after I exit the play mode.

Apparently this is a bug.