Scenes not loading on web player

Hi. I made a little script that loads a level whenever cetain tags are not present

function Update () {
if ((GameObject.FindWithTag ("1") == "null") & (GameObject.FindWithTag ("2") == "null")) 

Application.LoadLevel ("youWin");

if ((GameObject.FindWithTag ("3") == "null") & (GameObject.FindWithTag ("4") == "null") & (GameObject.FindWithTag ("Lobo3") == "5") & (GameObject.FindWithTag ("6") == "null"))

Application.LoadLevel ("youLose");


Now, it runs fine inside of Unity, but when I build it for web the levels won't load when the conditions are met. What's wrong?

Are you sure you are exporting the levels to in the webplayer?

Solved! I changed all instances of this:

(GameObject.FindWithTag ("1") == "null")

to this:

!GameObject.FindWithTag ("1")

figuring it's supposed to yield the same result but in a cleaner way, and it worked!