#Scenes per Asset Bundle in Unity 5

Is there a limit of 1 scene per asset bundle in Unity 5 (that didn’t exist in v4). My current project (in v4) packages multiple scenes into asset bundles and all worked fine. However in Unity 5 it seems I can only load the first scene or sometimes just get an error (not added to build settings) if multiple scenes are in the asset bundle.

I have been unable to find any mention of this in the new Unity 5 docs…could someone please clarify.

If this is not the case then is there an additional process for loading / adding scenes to asset bundles with the new v5 system. Been scratching my head for hours over this. Non Scene asset bundles are all working fine for me.


Great news!

I already tested this issue on 5.2.0f2 and is working! You can now to bundle several scenes in one prefab, and it works! I can now have a bundle with all my scenes! Finally!

Great work from Unity!

These whole family of errors were the main cause, check these links:


They are all solved now!

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