Scenes switching takes too much loading time

I am making a game for android and it is taking very weird loading time to load a scene. I am using Asynch loading scene but it is not helping me out. It is a 3D game and all my assets are placed in that level which is being loaded. It is taking almost 50 secs to load this scene on a low end device. On high end device it takes only 6 seconds. to load it.

@DawidNorasDev I have found the solution to this problem. All my textures were compressed by a wrong format not optimized for android. Now I am using RGB Compressed ETC2 4 bits with alpha channel and RGBA Compressed ETC2 8 bits for textures which has alpha channel.
Actually I was using RGB Compressed ASTC block 12x12 which was causing it to load too late for android mobile.

Try to profile it with your phone plugged in. Also Is it taking the same amount of time on your desktop?
Maybe scene is to large? To many objects in there? Or you do some crazy staff on Start() or Awake()