Scenes won't work when built together

I am making an AR program for the Microsoft Hololens with a few scenes, all scenes involve instantiating GameObjects. They work perfectly on their own but when I build them together only the first scene works as designed, this is the case even when I change the order. The rest of the scenes all instantiate two objects instead of one on the first click. All scenes have different scripts and different GameObjects and I’m using LoadSceneMode.single to load the scenes.

Please help!

Hello there,

Make sure your objects don’t have DontDestroyOnLoad() in their Awake() methods. If they did, they would transfer to the next scene without being deleted, which would cause you to have them twice, then 4 times, then 8, etc…

Hope that helps!



Thank you for the reply, but I checked and none of the objects have DontDestroyOnLoad() in their scripts