SceneView GUI functions seem to be broken in 2021.2.

This code has worked to set the DrawCameraMode in 2018.1+, but has quit working in 2021.2. Is there a new way to set this?

This used to work, but now does nothing:

            SceneView.CameraMode newMode = SceneView.lastActiveSceneView.cameraMode;
            if (wireframeOn)
                newMode.drawMode = DrawCameraMode.TexturedWire;
                newMode.drawMode = DrawCameraMode.Textured;

As well, the GUI.Window no longer works in the SceneView.duringSceneGUI event in 2021.2 either, though other GUI functions seem to work OK. The Window is never drawn and the Window Function is never called.
I coded around this by moving my GUI to the inspector.

Is this all expected? I know the SceneView looks nicer, but it broke a bit of stuff for me.

GUI.Window doesn't run the method delegate either. No window is created. Seems like 2021.2 has broken GUI methods

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