Sceneview ignores cursor

For some reasons, since update to V5.3 often I can’t select gameobjects in the sceneview. If I choose them over the hierarchy it works, but not in the 3D view.

Is that a bug?

Have you checked your layers panel in the top right of the editor? Maybe some layers are locked. Or as mentioned, there might be invisible object in the way, Canvas, Colliders etc. Also try disabling all other gameobjects and test selection again.

Theres really no Layer in between. Oddly once I could select an object (by hierachy), I can move it by the OnScene Elements without problem.

Also, some Soundsources randomly fail (stopp play sound after ~2 seconds, odd unspherical volume), just to work again after a quick restart of playmode…

Some Materials don’t show up in the inspector and are not selectable by clicking it.

Collider Gizmos has odd colors and isn’t selectable all time.

Anchor Points appear without selecting (false cloth movement).