SceneView.Paint hangs forever


Every now and then the editor freezes, this prompt appears and then it hangs forever. I just left it up for 30 minutes while I was doing something else just to see.

At first I thought I did something bad because I have a lot of custom editors, but this just happened in an empty scene. Since all my editors are OnSceneViewGUI or OnInspectorGUI, I don’t think I’m responsible?

Does this happen for everybody else? It’s pretty recent for me, like less than one month. I didn’t update before this started happening, but I just went to 2020.3.16f1 and it’s still doin’ it.


Edit: After re-trying, I was able to attach the debugger but ain’t no compatible code running on the thread. gr8

Alright, if anyone is wondering, I switched from Vulkan to DX11 in the editor and the problem has gone away completely.

I delete Vulkan, only use OpenGLES3. sceneview.paint never appear.