Score keeping help

I really cannot seem to figure out how to make this code work, and i need help.
Basically, i’m trying to call in 2 scripts that hold score to the game, and when game over happens, i want to the display score. The score is additive, and i need a bit of a helping hand.

Heres what i have.

        void Update()
	time += Time.deltaTime;
	var minutes = time / 120;
	var seconds = time % 60;
	var fraction = (time * 100) % 100; 
	TimeText.text = string.Format ("{0:00} : {1:00} : {2:000}", minutes, seconds,
        YangPoints = gameObject.GetComponent<YangGoalCount> ().YangPts;
		YingPoints = gameObject.GetComponent<YingScoreCount> ().YingPts;
		float totalPoints = YangPoints + YingPoints;

		if (time >= 120)  
			TimeText.text = ("TIME UP!");
                       //This is for editing UI text as the end result displaying score
			gameObject.GetComponent<YangGoalCount>().YangScoreText = ("Your Score Was:");
			gameObject.GetComponent<YingScoreCount>().YingScoreText = ("" + TotalPts);
			if (Input.GetKeyDown (KeyCode.R))
				Application.LoadLevel (Application.loadedLevel);

Are YangGoalCount and YingPoints attached to the same GameObject this script is attached to?
GetComponent only searches the GameObject it is called from.