Score not displaying on game over screen consistently

Hey all,
On my Game Over screen I want to display the score, and high score.

I got the high score displaying correctly, BUT for some reason, the score is inconsistent. Sometimes it displays the correct number and sometimes it displays “0” even though the score was not 0 (ie: the score was 25, but on the game over screen it says “score: 0”.

Does anyone have an idea why this might be happening? Here is my code:

Main Menu Script:

private void Awake()
        if (score != null)
            score.text = Game_Manager.gameManager.score.ToString();

        if (highScore != null) { highScore.text = Game_Manager.gameManager.highScore.ToString(); }
            highScore.text = 0.ToString();

Game Manager Script:

    public int score;
    public int highScore;
    public int lives;
    public int level;
    public float playerSpeed;
    public float enemySpeed;
    public float powerUpTime = 8f;
    public bool gameStarted = false;

    private void Awake()
        if (gameManager == null)
            gameManager = this;
        else if (gameManager != this)

    public void ResetGame()
        if (score > highScore)
            highScore = score;
        score = 0;
        lives = 3;
        level = 1;
        playerSpeed = 5;
        enemySpeed = 4;
        gameStarted = false;

I belive this happens when you reset score to 0 on line 31 of the GameManager script. Sometimes the CPU loads the mainMenu first and displays the previously set score and sometimes it goes forward and resets score first.

What i would do is either do a delay in between with and IEnumerator OR just make a variable previousScore that is set to the value of score as soon as resetGame is called and then in the mainMenu script you set the text value of textField score to the previousScore instead of score.

Hope it helps