Score System to keep track of Points (Please remove)

Hi there,

I am creating a endless runner, I’m almost done but require to add a score system, in which each item I jump I get one point… I’ve been looking for the past two days for a tutorial on making system to keep track of Points/Score and I haven’t found anything that works with the new unity UI.

I am hoping, someone here can direct me to a tutorial in C# (Or easily convertible) or send some sample script with the setup explained…

Sorry for asking for help without even having some script, but I’m kind of clueless how to start.


This question is something you will want to delete and move to the forums. This is more of a ‘build it for me’ request than a question that has an answer. If you post the question in the forums, you will get a proper response.

I am adding this as an answer and not a comment, because the answer to your problem is to change the locatino where you are asking it.

When you post on the forum, also include a link to some project or code that others can work with and they will surely provide you with the code you require.