Score UI per player

I have a simple multiplayer game. Each player has a score I want to show on their screen. After my first attempt at the ui, it appears that all players are sharing a single Text component which is not good. How do I do UI that is not networked and is per player? Thanks for your time.

@SpaceManDan My scoring system is in place already. In my scene I have a text ui object. My player prefabs have a script attached to them for scoring that has a reference to the text object. Note that the player score is NOT a static variable, so they each have their own value. When their score changes, it updates the text of the text object. That all works until a 2nd player joins the game. At that point it appears that they are referencing the same text object even though I didn’t explicitly network any of that. For my networking, I’m just using the built in stuff. Hope that helps clear it up.