Scoreboard/Leaderboard Script for both server and client?

[I was going to add a bounty, but not anymore. Please ignore the stuff about it, and I do not need a script anymore]

Hello everybody!

I am making a game that needs a scoreboard, but I am clueless to SQL’s and servers past a simple FTP. I am basically asking for a script for both the client and server that will store and display the scores, and includes a reasonable php injection/hacking/cheating proofing.
Also keep in mind that this is a benefit to the community, so not only will your get your bounty points, you will also help others than just me.

I have found information on this topic to help contributes.

So basically what I am asking for to win the bounty points is an answer containing the PHP code (or file, even better)(and how to use it and upload it to the server), the PHP file if you will use that, and the script to implement that will ask for a user's name, then pump it and the score up to a server. I will also need code that will retrieve and decrypt the scores from the server and display it on request.

Thank you! This sure sounds like a big thing to ask for, but I am willing to spend my bounty on it!



And I say don't bother with the bounty...

It's all right here... Really good too, and works. Also, you may need something with MD5 (I believe in Unity 3 I tested this out a while back and it said I needed it)

You can get that here:

Hope that helps!