Scoring System/Clock?

Hello, I have two simple questions 1: How do I set a timer and activate a script when the timer reaches a certain value? 2: How do I add a simple scoring system (when ever thing A happens, Increase Score by X value and register on the GUI)? Thanks

Try this:

var myScore = 0;
var DelayTime = 10; // 10 seconds before activating function

function Start(){
     Invoke("myFunction", DelayTime);

function OnGUI(){
   GUI.Label(Rect(0,0, 200, 30), "Score: " + myScore);

function SomethingAppears(){

For timed events, use Invoke:

Herman Tulleken has already answered your first question so i wont worry about that. As for your second question i would set a static variable that stores the score value.

I am not sure on the exact details on your game but something like this should work

//put this script in the object that calls the point scoring event
var pointAmount : float = 10;

//put this somewhere in the script so that it only runs when the point scoring event occurs
score += pointAmount;

Just make sure that a static "score" is declared and set the HUD to draw the value of score.

Te Tme class offers a lot of functionality relating to time...