Screen info, to adjust column of buttons??

Hello guys

Happy New Year to all developers !!!

my game is finish, but for ergonomy, I would like control position x/y of my GUIbuttons in fonction screen resolution when the current player could load game
a column of GUIbuttons appareas in the left side if he could load or try again

so I want have information about screen resolution to control spacing of buttons and relative height…
so i wrote this script :

static var x=Screen.width;
static var y=Screen.height;
static var xpos:int;
static var ypos:int;
static var coef:int;
//in function of screen i modify xpos of button
function format_affichage()
{if (x==1024&&y==768){ xpos=x/5;ypos=y/3;coef=5;}
else if {x=...}
else if (x==1920&&y==1080){xpos=x/10;ypos=y/3;coef=7;}
**else (xpox=x/4,ypos=y/3}**
function test_valid()
{ for (var i=0;i<10;i++) //i have ten records
		{if (Record.nom*==Profil.nom_player)//compare to player*
  •  	{*

drp_ok*=1;//if its ok*
* }*
* }*
* if (drp_ok[0]==1){GUI.color= Color. green; appui_touche0();}//display button*
function appui_touche0()
{if(GUI.Button (Rect (xpos,ypos+coef,xsize,ysize),“OK”))//posit button
* {…*
function appui_touche1()
*{ *
_ if(GUI.Button (Rect (xpos,ypos+8coef,xsize,ysize),“OK”))_
So program hold only bold line and ignore all resolution
so my buttons are not aligned with my 3Dguitext ten records
I dont find the solution on Unity Ref script…
when i compile unity propose to modify resolution&& input before launch game
I want just hold x y screen to adjust after this unity compiler screen resolution
If someone knows the solution?
Thanks by advance

when i say hold information about screen resolution, i want say retrieve information when exe is lauched
is it clear?