Screen.resolutions return Unityengine.Resolution[]

I can’t get the solution text doing this simple code, it only return the value “Unityengine.Resolution” . i used to be able to see available resolution… did something change ?

  foreach (Resolution resolution in screen.resolutions)

Nothing has changed. “Screen.resolutions” (note the plural) returns several available resolutions. So it returns an array of Resolution. The Resolution struct contains several informations about each resolution. Specifically:

  • height
  • width
  • refreshRate

Your issue is that your foreach loop variable is called resolutions (which is misleading since it represents one resolution) but you are logging a variable called resolution which we don’t see the declaration in your code. However since you probably don’t get any errors I assume you initialized that variable with the array from Screen.resolutions. So it’s probably just that typo.