Screen.safeArea doesn't support punch hole and round corners?

I want to know if it’s correct behavior or if it’s a bug I have to report :

On devices with notch the Screen.safeArea does its job correctly but on screens with “punch hole” (cameras right into the screen without notch/cutout) or rounded corners (not curved edges) the safeArea doesn’t work.

I’ve tested this on a Samsung Galaxy Note 10 (camera punch hole) and a Xiaomi Mi 9T Pro (rounded screen corners) and both have a Screen.safeArea with no margin for those screen features.

Because of this I have part of my game UI hidden (see screenshots) and instead of applying a global margin across all the devices taller than 9:16 I would prefer a more accurate method.

Samsung Galaxy Note 10 (punch hole hides the bolt icon) :

Xiaomi Mi 9T Pro (rounded corner may overlap UI) :

Same problem with rounded corners, can’t recognize when to offset UI.

No one knows this?? I’d like to know as well :slight_smile:

Did you find a solution? @ThomLaurent