Screen.safeArea is broken. So is Unity's QA process.


Short version: Screen.safeArea reports incorrect values when rotated. This bug is reported and currently awaiting consideration for possibly being maybe fixed eventually.

The problem is, this isn't a new bug. It's a regression. Search Issue Tracker or this forum for "safe area" and you'll see problems with incorrect safe area values popping up over and over again.

Why does this keep breaking? Why does Unity not implement a regression test before pushing new builds of the editor to prevent this from reappearing? And why, when it does reappear, is there not a simple way to reopen the issue and raise its visibility?

Instead, every time this comes up we have to:

  1. Isolate a repro and craft a bug report on our own time
  2. Back-and-forth with Unity QA to validate the bug
  3. Wait for Unity QA to promote the bug report to the issue tracker
  4. Vote (?) on the issue
  5. Wait until it gathers enough votes that Unity deems it worth "considering"
  6. Wait for Unity developers to actually address the issue
  7. Wait for the fix to make it into a release

Every. Single. Regression. It's absurd.


It's absurd, its back again in Unity 2022.3.25
-_- i am done with this.

Have you filed a bug? If you post here nobody from Unity is going to reply, except to tell you to file a bug.

If you do file a bug, then you can look forward to them looking at it in six months, closing it as a duplicate of some other preexisting bug so you don't get email updates about it anymore, and then after a couple more releases a fix will make it out... until it regresses in another 6 months and you start the whole treadmill over again.

Why spend company time making regression tests and catching things like this before they go out the door when you can waste countless hours of your paying customer's time for "free"?


Thanks for informing us about this issue, I've tried reproducing the same issue from the ticket - [IOS] Screen.SafeArea is incorrectly updated when rotating the device. I've checked with iPhone 13 Pro Max, OS: 17.5 and iPhone Xs Max, OS: 14.4 and I was not able to reproduce it, looks like Screen.SafeArea value is reported correctly no matter if device is rotated or not and I've checked it with Unity 2022.3.31f1.

Could you please verify if the problem still persists with the latest LTS (2022.3.31f1) version? If it's still reproducible, please report it via the Unity Bug Reporter and provide all the available information to speed up our investigation. Your involvement and feedback are truly valuable to us!