Screen.showcursor = true won't work after Screen.showcursor = false


I’m having the mouse visible during the start menu in my game. When I build the game and run it, the mouse shows up properly for the first time that you use the Start screen. After the Start screen, the cursor is hidden in the game. If you get through the level and return to the Start screen, the cursor remains hidden even though I need it to be visible.

I’ve tried to remedy this by putting

Screen.showCursor = true;

in both the Start() and OnGUI() functions on an object in my Start level, but the cursor stays hidden.

Any help is appreciated. Thanks!

Please make sure that there are no other scripts that are constantly updating the Screen.showCursor as FALSE.

For example :

Script1 :
function Update()
Screen.showCursor = false;

Script2 :
function ChangeCursor()
Screen.showCursor = true;

See what I mean? If another script is updating every frame to disable the screen.showCursor, then enabling it in another script would not work…