Screen Space Camera object following a Screen Space Overlay object - (trail renderer) HELPLZ!

I have two canvases both using ‘Canvas Scaler’ at 1536x2048. matching width @px ref 100.
I want to have a Transform object in the hierarchy follow a RectTransform based object in the ScreenSpace-Overlay canvas. The following object is a trail renderer while adds a little complexity as it only seems to render relative to the ScreenSpace-Camera canvas which I also have in the Hierarchy, rather than show the trail following the Transform object in the Game view, its only visible in the Scene view. How can I convert this position vector to match so the trail follows the object?
Many thanks for any help or advice.

So it was actually very simple…

Even though the object to follow was in a “Screen Space Overlay” Canvas, and the trail needed to be in a “Screen Space Camera” Canvas to be visible : they both shared the same anchoredPosition.

Just add the trail renderer in its own “Screen Space Camera” Canvas, then add code

private void Update()
if (showTrail)
trailRectTransform.anchoredPosition = ballRectTransform.anchoredPosition;