Screen Space Overlay Canvas blocking World Space Canvas

hey there
i searched for some time and cant get a solution
i have a a button in the world space which is healing the player when pressed.
but if i run a little bit far to the right, my floating joystick is “overlaying” and i cant press the healing button.

i figured out, that the “Raycast Target” is needed to let it work as it should. but if i deactivate it from the floating joystick, the joystick wont appear anymore…

someone have an idea?

the tree behind is the “healing” button and as u see, if im to far to the right, the joystick is overlaying it

I had the same issue and I solved my problem by doing this : create a separate canvas for your joysticks, then give that canvas a lower sorting layer than your world space canvas.

It was as simple as that, now the joysticks canvas layer is below the world space canvas layer, which means you can click world buttons with no problem.

Hope it helps someone in the future.