Screen Space Overlay UI Text is Blurry

Screen Space Overlay UI Text is Blurry. I have searched this many times over the last few months and I only find results not relevant to Screen Space Overlay in the new UI or advice to size up the text and font size then to scale it down. I’ve done this and it helps but it still looks not production quality. Is there a real fix to this that anyone knows or can possibly the unity developers answer if there is a fix or one is coming. It seems like a big deal that text on screen space overlay not looking right ( a complaint i’ve seen a lot) notable enough to have been addressed or maybe Im missing something.

Is the canvas that the text is on have “UI scale mode” set to “Scale with screen size” and if so is your reference resolution high (like 3840 x 2160). your text might not be displaying in the resolution your game is. Other than that I have no idea and assuming you want the screen UI to scale with the screen