Screen Space Reflection in WebGL?

Hi, I am using Unity 2017.1 and I want to know if WebGL supports Screen Space Reflection because when I’m switching platform from the standalone to WebGL, it automatically removes it from the command buffers. I also want to know if there is possible way to obtain the same Screen Space Reflection effects on WebGL if there aren’t any. Thanks!

Turns out I need to change my Graphics Emulation to WebGL 2.0 and uncheck the Auto Graphic API from the Player Settings but I need to do them both every time I want to build the game though =='. I’m not sure how to keep the settings but this will work for now.

Here’s the source.

@miramaslow Old thread, but could you elaborate on how you made this work? Even with following all the instructions I’m still not able to see screen space reflections in WebGL2 – it works in editor when I “emulate WebGL2” settings, but running the build in chrome or Firefox the reflections don’t render.