Screen Tearing despite Vsync activated

Good Day

I have a FPS view in my scene and when I look around with my mouse, the objects seem to be teared. I tested the frame rate and it stays at a constant 60, so it is not performance related.

Could there be any explanation for this?

I use the newest version of unity (3.40f5) and use it on a iMac, tested it as well on a Macbook Pro and have the same issue.

(I set in Edit->Project Settings → Quality the VSync Count to Every VBlank, is there another setting against screen tearing?)

Has anyone else the same problem?

After some digging around I found out its a Mac (OSX Lion or below) specific Problem, which only shows up if you are running the application inside unity (Game View) but if you actually build the Game it disappears.

So I would say its a bug Inside the unity editor.

I will let the questions stand, as I guess also other could benefit from this answer, before getting worried why they have so much screen tearing inside their Game View.