screen tearing, on windowed mode, with VSync on


Using Unity 5.0.1 I’m getting vsync related screen tearing when I launch in windowed mode or DX11. The only working mode for me is DX9 Fullscreen Exclusive, any other modes show tearing (vsync seems to be failing).

The machine I’m working on has an GeForce GTX 970 (350.12 driver version) and there isn’t any other software installed.

Have you experienced anything similar?

Thank you!

I was having the same problem. Only exclusive mode didn’t have screen tearing. I solved the problem! It was happening because I starting using the Classic windows theme on Windows 7. I changed back to the Aero theme and now the problem has gone. Hope this is helpful.

I had same kind of problems. I was able to get vblank working in non exclusive mode, but with noticeable jitter in framerate. With DX11 exclusive mode it was smooth.

Any of the NVIDIA control panel settings didn’t help (vsync & triple buffering)

I’m currently using unity 5.5 in exclusive mode with vsync enabled and its working fine.

This actually worked for me, thanks @fractalbear, but my Windows was not set up to use Windows Classic. It was in Windows 7 Basic mode, yet I was still having the issue. When I set it to “Windows 7”, however, it started working…
I have to agree with @MarkoH01, however…This is not a good solution in my eyes. Maybe it’s the only one currently and I may have to deal with it, but telling the user to tweak something outside of the developed application is NEVER optimal…
Anyone have any thoughts?