Screen.width & height not updated after screen rotation

When rotating a device (eg landscape to portrait) Screen.width and Screen.height normally swap. This works for me on Galaxy S5, but not on Galaxy S2. On S5, I rotate the screen and the app resizes appropriately. On S2, the app is still trying to render at the original size (either portrait or landscape, depending on the orientation when the app was started). There’s a black section because the app doesn’t reach in one direction, and the app itself is cropped because it’s too big in the other direction. See screenshots:

Started landscape then rotated to portrait:

Started portrait then rotated to landscape:

I’m sure this worked in an older version of my app, so maybe this is a bug that appeared in a newer version of Unity? I’m using 5.5.0f3.

Looks like this was fixed in a latest version. They move so quick! It was the bug described here.