screenshot from webplayer

I am working on my dressup game: I want to give the user the ability to save a screenshot, from what i read on the internet you cannot do that from the webplayer directly since it has no access to system info

-and the only way is to post the screenshot to a server the retrieve it

i know how to do that but it is too much trouble for the user

I know they can always hit print screen, is there anyway to save it to the user hard drive when they click save
Thank you

Maybe you just need some JavaScript(web) code and the following links:

Convert RederTexture to Texture2D

What I propose is:

  • Place a camera and then render to a texture what it is viewing.
  • Create the Texture2D from the rendertexture.
  • Send the info (binary, pixelarray, etc.) to the browser and there, use a JS library to recreate the image and give the user the option to download it.

Honestly it is just what came to my mind.

Hope it helps.

Just encode the RenderTexture to .jpg (much lighter than .png) and send it to server, giving user a link to it.