ScreenToWorldPoint stopping my objects from showing

Hey everyone, I have been working on a little project and all seemed well until I came across the ScreenToWorldPoint. It’s meant to draw out the screen size so I can hard code the objects in relation to it later but when I use ScreenToWorldPoint it prevents said objects from showing up.

(Here is a screenshot of the code.)

(EDIT: I was able to pull up the console message it gives me again.)


It doses not return an error but at one piint it did complain about using ‘0’ for the ‘bottomLeft’ line of code?

Big thanks in advance.

Bro, please pass vector 3 in Camera.mian.screentoworld() it requries vector 3 value. just make new vector3(0,0,0);

You do not have a Camera in your scene that is tagged “Main Camera”.