screenviewcoord[1] < 0 || screenviewcoord[3] < 0

this error appears in one of the scenes in my game. Unfortunately, i was on a deadline and couldn`t pinpoint the error when it started appearing (2 weeks ago). All objects in my scene are working and when I click the message in the console, nothing happens. Sometimes my skybox appears on the editor overlapping the project tab, although I don`t know if this have anything to do with this error in particular.

Any ideas on what caused it and how to fix it?

thanks in advance

I found this Error apears when you try to use a Render to Texture Material in a Non Pro Version of Unity. Might even show up when you try to use other Pro Features in a Basic Lisence, Prolly not your Problem but Ill post this up in case someone else runs into it.

Well since the error message can't be clicked I'm guessing it's not a script you wrote. Something is going bonkers over an event that occured. For example if you fill in transform with 9999999999999999999999999999999....... it will eventually throw stackoverflow and doubleclick won't do anything. It's simply not an error in a script you can reference just like that. If you filled it in FROM a script with the transform.position.x however this does not apply since float will break down as to small a datatype.

I have had some problems with docking some tabs in the editor and it would behave almost the way you described. Best solution I can give you is keep asking and keep updating as much as possible. Maybe comment/uncomment some things and experiment around see if the behaviour changes.

I get this error using render textures and a pro license, anyone have a solution for it?

I have found that as was said earlier in this thread that to fix this bug just reset your editor windows by using the little tab in the top right of the screen to 2 by 3 or whatever you like. For some reason the renderTexture doesn’t like it when your move the game window around.

I managed to fix this in my project by changing the viewport rect on the camera that was receiving a render to texture like Eduardo Costa says in the link above.