Script access to "Ellipsoid" property on Emitter

Quick question: I want to animate the "Ellipsoid" property of an Ellipsoid Particle Animator (the property that sets the size of the invisible "ellipse" where the particles will spawn inside, randomly), but it doesn't seem to be in the "ParticleEmitter" class. Is this a property that's scriptable?

Edit: I've tried using a cylindrical mesh, but the Mesh Emitter just takes a mesh, and it can't be scaled using code at runtime. Anyone else have any ideas of how I could make my emitter emit range "grow" over time? I can't use Force because it messes with some of my other properties and makes the effect of the emitter look weird.

Since you can't access the ellipse, you should be able to just use a mesh particle emitter, then scale the mesh. Not quite the same thing, but a compromise that might work.

It may not be scriptable, but it is exposed in the Animator.

Just assign a new Animation to the emitter, and you have access to everything.

I know this works, because I was just animating the Ellipsoid on my project today.

No, it's not scriptable.