Script changes not saved

Ok, now this is really annoying…

I’m quite new in Unity and Unity scripting, still trying to work out how some things work, so I make simple small scripts, make small changes and observe.

Sometimes (like right now) I see something really strange. I make a change in the script (in MonoDevelop), I save the script, but when I hit play it’s like it’s running the script before the changes I made. I even delete the lines completely (instead of just commenting them) without any luck. I tried removing the script from the object and re-applying it, I tried restarting Unity, I even try “Rebuild All” within MonoDevelop, it’s like it refuses to recompile the script.

I don’t know if it’s relevant, but right now (while facing the issue I describe), as soon as I start Unity I get 362 errors, 361 saying:

typeTree.m_Children.front ().m_Type != SerializeTraits<SInt32>::GetTypeString (NULL)

and the last one:

Version Control: Unknown version control plugin: Hidden Meta Files

I don’t always get this issue, but I can’t figure out what’s triggering it.

I didn’t always get this message when opening this project. I experienced it before (I didn’t observe the console at that point to be honest) but it was resolved by restarting Unity or Monodevelop a couple of times.

It would be nice to be able to isolate the source, the project is as simple as it can be. Just a plane, a cube above it, a point light and a camera.

I’m testing movement scripts and touch controls.

I get this quite often, just go to the script in your project folder, click “Reset” in the options above the inspector, and it should apply the changes. If you relaunch Unity, it should be fixed.

Did you make this project in a more recent version of Unity? This error has to do with asset serialization - which works differently in different versions. Unity 4.3 Project creating errors in Unity 4.2 - Unity Answers