Script compilation error. How do I fix these?

I am in the editor, after a long time of working hard on a project, I go to build and run, it gives me a message that says “Error building player because scripts had compiling errors



P.S. The game works just fine when I test play it, but when I build and run it no work :frowning:

Also, I am not very experienced in scripting or even game making, so I seriously don’t understand most of the errors myself. Plus, I do not have the money to hire anyone, I dont even have money to BUY models.

Try reading the information in your console window.

(You can open the console window by choosing Window → Console (or [COMMAND-SHIFT-C])

The compiler will usually provide you with a helpful message with a descriptive explanation of the problem.

It will even tell you the name of the script and the line number where the error occurs.

You should really keep your eye on the console all the time.

This will help prevent from finding lots of errors after a long time of working hard on a project.

All right.
i dont think that “I’m a kid would help very much” beacause if you say this i would reply : Ok…how do u expect to make the reloading scripts the char the weapons the maps and everything…However the complient error is saying something there. Read it carefully and if u double click it will get you to the error…Ok now the second step what the error says…third step you read the error and open the script…good so far! if you dont get the error then come here try to think first not just ask for the answear cause then will be the Unity Answears Game not yours…
If you still dont get and and dont get it come here copy paste and the people here will giv you an idea…By the way Unity 3d is very very logic so anyone could undestand it.

First of all DON’T post new questions that just say “please visit this question”. If somebody have the time and is willing to help you with your problem you will get an answer. However like others say it seems you don’t have much experience in developing games / programming so you should find a programmer or start learning it. (ps i deleted your useless offtopic question).

The error clearly says that the namespace “AndroidJavaObject” isn’t available. That’s most likely the case because you switched to standalone. If you use scripts that ONLY works on Android phones you can’t build it for any other platform unless you provide a replacement script for these functions.

We have absolutely no idea what you’re doing there or what packages you’re using. What do you even expect from us?

ps. the console window can be maximized or undocked & resized to view more lines…

I fixed it by deleting some of the newly cretaed scripts and by deleting some newly imported packages…