script ( compile error) (script is in C#)

ok so i was following the unity multiuser tutorial.

and i followed there link :

they give you a file with things extracted from the sfs island demo.

sadly when i try to import the scripts i get an error when i try to add a script to an object

the error states

Can't add script behavior *. You need to fix all compie errors in all scripts first.

so then i downloaded the sfs demo and extracted the files my self. In the demo the scripts run fine but when i import the scripts into my own game i get the same error,

in the error console i get one error from a script

here is where the error happens

public class NetworkTransformReceiver : MonoBehaviour {

public float yAdjust = 0.0f; // Ajust y position when synchronizing the local and remote models.
public float interpolationPeriod = 0.1f;  // This value should be equal to the sendingPerion value of the Sender script

private bool receiveMode = false;
private NetworkTransform lastState; // Last received transform state
private NetworkTransform interpolateTo = null;  // Last state we interpolate to in receiving mode.
private NetworkTransform interpolateFrom;  // Point from which to start interpolation

private int interpolationPoint = 0; // Current interpolation point
private int maxInterpolationPoints = 0; // Maximum number of interpolation points;
private float interpolationDelta = 0; // Delta value by which interpolate

private FPSStorage fpsStorage;
private Queue queue = new Queue();  // Queue to store transform states for interpolations

// We call it on remote player to start receiving his transform
void StartReceiving() {
    lastState = new NetworkTransform(this.gameObject);  
    fpsStorage = GameObject.Find(" FPS").GetComponent(typeof(FPSStorage)) as FPSStorage;
    receiveMode = true;

void Update() {
    if (receiveMode) {

it says in the console

NetworkTransformReceiver.cs(22,17): error CS0246: The type or namespace name `FPSStorage' could not be found. Are you missing a using directive or an assembly reference?

now sense im not a scripter i dont know exactly what it means . i hope some one can tell me how to fix this problem

The type or namespace name `FPSStorage' could not be found.

This error means the compiler couldn't resolve the class 'FPSStorage'. That class is probably defined in a separate script, you need to include that script as well. The name of the script that you are missing is probably FPSStorage.cs.